Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I'm writing this post about my health because I'm hoping someone might have some sort of suggestion for me, or if not.. I know you all know Jehovah Rapha (sp?) and I'd appreciate your prayers.

After my fourth baby Liam was born in 2006, I was diagnosed with Post-Partum Thyroiditis. It was awful. The endocrinologist I was seeing warned me that I may want to consider whether or not I would have more children, as I could certainly have more but would need to expect to go through it after delivery again only it would be worse each time.

When I became pregnant with Shiloh my thyroid had become underactive for a while and they were watching to see if it would return to normal or not. However, it is dangerous to be hypothyroid while pregnant and I was put on medication. For the first time in a long time I felt normal again! It was fantastic!

7 weeeks after Shiloh was born I was still feeling great. When I saw my endocrinologist they were hopeful that I'd keep on going strong - yet concerned because my thyroid was even more enlarged than when I was in after Liam was born.

A few weeks ago I started feeling some strange symptoms, and at the end of last week I was positive I was hyperthyroid again (So was Jake, as I'd wake up in the middle of the night freaking out that it was SO HOT and start opening all the windows in the house... not normal in March, maybe July, but not March).

I had blood drawn before last week and I just have continued to feel worse and worse every day. One of the reasons I think I feel worse overall is, one of my hyperthyroid symptoms, insomnia.

I lie in bed and no matter what, cannot fall alseep until sometime usually around 2 or 3 am. Shiloh wakes to nurse at 4. And my little early riser (Giovanna) wakes at 6:30. After a week of this I'm sure you can imagine how I feel on top of all my other symptoms!!

So if anyone has gone through this or knows great tricks on how to get to sleep I would really really really love to know. Otherwise, I am just supposed to stop taking the medication I was on and hope to see improvement in a few weeks and then wait for the inevitable bouncing back and forth between hypothyroid and hyperthyroid.

Your prayers would be GREAT :-) Thyroid disease runs in my family and I want to stand in faith that God will heal me and the hereditary illness stops here. I'm also seeking alternative forms of treatment since I don't like the "we just have to wait to see what happens with your thyroid" form of treatment.


brietta said...

I'm sorry that I have no experience with or suggestions about this, but I will be praying for you!

Sarah O said...

I hope this resolves itself soon! It's miserable to be tired all the time. I will be praying for a total healing for you.