Sunday, April 6, 2008


It's funny when you hear a child use a word that you say often as an explanation... funnier when they use it completely inappropriately, showing the utter hilarity that you even try to get such ideas across.

This afternoon, there were shrieks and cries for mom as it was discovered a lady bug was crawling on our window screen - on the inside of the house. (yes, the windows are OPEN! Lovely!!) Isaac has a fear of insects and encourages his little sisters to take care of such pests. Mom comes running concerned about all the noise, so long for folding laundry for this moment - there is a bug to take care of. How dare it disturb the peace and harmony of our home!

Giovanna was bravely approaching the screen to rid the house of the offending beetle and Nora (3 y.o.) shakes her head "That ladybug... it can't be in here. It's too expensive."

An expensive ladybug??? You're sure right - it can NOT be in this house! Little children are expensive enough, none of those expensive insects around here.

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Mrs. Querido said...

LOL! I remember one day the boys were playing with cars and they decided to stop at a "gas station" and fill up. The attendant (Mr. Independent) said, "OK, that'll be $2,000 please."

I tried really hard to muffle my laughter. Apparently they had been picking up on the gas