Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Am That Person??

I already know I'm not ordinary. A fact I am constantly reminded of each time I step outside of world M.O.M. to somewhere out there. Like Wegman's, where I am guaranteed to hear 75 times "Are they all yours??"

When talking about any one of the individual subjects I'm passionate about the look on my conversation mate's face is enough to convey the message "You're atypical." I am always quick to reassure them that I'm not some granola loving, tree hugging hippie person... I am a normal person, just with some unusual interests.

Although I do love granola.

Last night.... I had an epiphany. I am that person. I am not just like everyone else....

-I have 5 children and love being a M.O.M.
-I want more kids, God willing.
-I completely support long term breastfeeding and hope to achieve exclusive and extended breastfeeding this time.
-I cloth diaper and love it, not just because it saves $$.
-I use non-toxic eco friendly household cleaners.
-Before it was in vogue in our local city and surrounding areas I was searching for & wondering why no one used cloth grocery bags anymore.
-I make our own bread, yogurt, and admittedly - granola. When I have time I grind our own wheat.
-I've tried to sneakily suggest to my husband that we get rid of our T.V a couple times (we don't have cable or satellite already)
-We homeschool.
-I'd rather take vitamins daily to keep up a strong immunity than occasionally get sick and go to the doctor.
- Our family is now used to eating raw garlic and likes it.

I'll stop the list there. Individually.... it's not that odd. If you add up all those things alone.... = inhomogeneous with society.

But I can proudly attest that I am at least not a hippie.

I'm just...... a nonconformist? I hope you'll still read my blog.

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brietta said...

The good thing is that most of your list is becoming more "in vogue" these days. Well... except the 5 kids and loving it, and wanting more to boot!