Monday, February 25, 2008


I remember very clearly as a kid wrinkling my nose.. "Spaghetti & meat sauce?? Ew" My Dad saying "There are starving children in China who would be so happy to have spaghetti" - classic. I remember the day I felt so clever when I replied all snarky "Let's send it to them, then!" Just to discover I wasn't so witty as I was not the first to come up with that response.

This came to mind the other morning when Isaac was clutching his stomach moaning, "Is lunch ready yet? I'm STARVING!" It got me thinking that he should know there are hungry kids out there.

So I asked him if he knew the difference between being hungry and actually starving. It was a good lesson that he really seemed to grasp a hold of. Because I was overwhelmed when he was concerned and asked "But why are they starving?" The most understandable answer I could think to give to him was that "They don't have Mommies and Daddies to feed them" (yes, I do know there are poor families and not just children... it was just how he could grasp the concept of orphans, starvation, etc)

That's when he said "Well let's bring them here then! We will give them a warm house, and clothes, and toys, and food - and, hey! Then our family would get even bigger!!! That would be great!!!!!"

My heart was BLESSED, let me tell you. My 6 year old has caught on to the family vision and hope and desire in our hearts without us really talking about it as a family.. but it brought to light, we should be talking & praying about it as a family - not just us parents. Sometimes I think they (the children) may have greater measures of faith than I do.

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