Thursday, January 3, 2008


We were sent back home yesterday. It's so much better to be back! Here's some of my new favorite pictures :-)

Nora said "Her hair is real soft, Mamma."

Isaac said "Shiloh is very cute. We will keep her."

This picture of Liam just makes me laugh whenever I look at it! He loves bath time!

Me with 4 of my favorite 5 kids - getting ready to camp out at Nana and Papa's for the weekend while Daddy is away with the National Guard for the weekend.

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brietta said...

You guys all look so happy. What wonderful times.

(P.S. As I look at these pictures I'm trying to figure why Aubrey isn't rounder and chubbier like Shiloh since she weighs about 12oz more and is only 1" longer. It seems she should have more of that wonderful baby chub on her!)