Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hmmph - you're making me think?

My husband stumped me today. I'm not sure I've given a lot of thought to the proposed question of eligible men being required to have some sort of short military service or military training.

I'm sure depending on how it was phrased I had feelings based on the suggested undertone of the statement.

But today at the table he asks me "What would the difference be between mandatory K-12 education and mandatory military education from ages 18-19?"

Both the government runs (and we are homeschoolers, but you know what I mean) but only one is publicly accepted and currently in place (k-12 in case you weren't sure and yes, I know that technically kids can drop out at a certain age that can be before 12th grade - I'm a tired mommy who doesn't want to argue little details so don't bring up details!). Military education meaning some basic skills to protect yourself from the government deciding to take away our rights (essentially the purpose of militias, yes?) and to protect your family and loved ones from predators and also terrorists?

I haven't had the time to put much thought into it.. but it won't stop bouncing around in my head, and he wants to know your thoughts.

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