Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby wearing

There are so many things I love about having a new baby. New babies are fun to cloth diaper - their little poo doesn't have fumes so toxic it could melt your skin off (for instance, like toddlers). New babies are fun to snuggle - they don't jump up and run away after 2 minutes. They're fun to nurse (even the difficult nursing moments I'm thankful for, for being forced to sit down and nurture my baby.. it's a good thing). And they're fun to wear!

I'm a big fan of baby wearing. The exceedingly numerous benefits won't be listed here tonight. But as we're exiting our little "Babymoon," Shiloh is becoming more awake and more aware of when she is NOT with Mamma and NOT nursing (both are the worst things that could ever happen in her little life) and wearing her not only nurtures her - but allows me to accomplish things peacefully. Instead of a panic, quickly, so I can end the screaming from the other room while she waits terrified that she may never eat again (if she is awake after all, shouldn't she be at least near the food if not eating?).

Tonight is such an example. In between our nightly cluster feeding rather than laying her down to get all upset and worked up before she's ready to eat again, she snuggled cozily in my Little Star sling while we did the dishes. I love baby wearing!

Well, off to nurse again!

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Sarah O said...

Hurray for you for wearing her on your back! I could never figure that out... I love baby wearing too. I am looking forward to doing it again. Kate just isn't interested anymore.