Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thanks to those with kind words during my momentary "freak out!" I think actually admitting to my fears was very helpful, I spent a lot of time in prayer last night and as surely as God is good I am full of peace. A little nervous, but I have to remember to constantly lay that before Him so that it doesn't turn into a whirlwind of emotions.

On that note - I had a doctor's appointment today and no changes. She thinks that I'll make it through Christmas. But only God knows the day! I hope to either have her tomorrow or Friday so I'm feeling a little rested and home by Christmas, or to have her after Christmas. I don't want to miss the kids' excitement! :-)

They each received an early gift from our lovely babysitter, Kristina, while I was out at the doctor's today. Giovanna and Nora were only too pleased to don their new princess jammies for a picture.

And speaking of presents... I'm so excited to give Jake his that I'm having the hardest time not giving them to him early!!! I even suggested we exchange presents early just in case I'm in the hospital on Christmas. But he's working too much for the next several days to have a special evening! Lol.. I may end up having to wait till Christmas Eve after all. For him the surprise isn't as wonderfully suspenseful as it is for me. I love surprise. I especially love it when you know you got someone a gift that they really want and don't expect... the anticipation alone should be throwing me into labor shouldn't it??

In fact, I just like to give gifts. It is such a blessing to me to give something to someone that they will enjoy, need, surprise them, etc. The fact that we finished our Christmas shopping ages ago is just adding to the wait! It was good to do, none-the-less.

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danica said...

I just want you to know that I'm praying for you -- for a great labor and delivery AND for great faith and expectation to meet the Lord in your need!