Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas and the day after

Friends of ours blessed us with an extra camera they had as ours bit the dust a few months ago. In attempting to get a picture of the presents under the lit tree in the dark room I couldn't adjust the flash low enough to keep it from looking like the lights were on! I gave up and took this with my phone.... you can sort of see.

Christmas morning was so much fun.. we heard Isaac's gasp and then shouting to his sisters that there were presents under the tree.

Then the mayhem began ;-) All the excitement of new things and unwrapping! I was busy trying to snap pictures to remember it all while Jake was the "go-to" guy to open boxes or explain presents. More pictures to come later.

It was a really great day spent with both our families. Christmas also happens to be my sister's birthday. She kept asking me all day if I was contracting yet as she really wanted to share her birthday with her niece.

Alas even the day after Christmas has passed and we're still waiting. Although I had a doctor's appointment today and I am now 3 cm. 1 week ago I was 1 cm. So maybe she will decide to arrive eventually ;-) In fact I've had several good contractions tonight, but nothing regular.

We'll keep you posted!

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Tara said...

so glad that you guys had fun yesterday! I bet the older kids had a blast. I keep checking to see if there is a baby update. ;-) Praying that she comes soon and that everything goes well.